Abagore Farming Co-operative 
Many of the families supported by Aid for Education's partner in Rwanda, are headed by women - mothers, grandmothers, aunts, older sisters, guardians. The women's farming co-operative, 'Abagore Farming' ('Abagore' means 'women'), has been set up to give these women the opportunity to earn money to look after their families. Aid for Education provides land, tools and seeds and the women grow crops to sell in the market, enabling them to earn an income.
The women sell the maize and vegetables in the markets and to restaurants. Aid for Education has also helped to build a storage house to keep the crops and with room to hold meetings and training workshops for the women.


Homework Club

The aim of the homework club is to help those children who are struggling at school. This could be due to the large class sizes, where teachers are unable to give them the attention they require, or because they have nowhere at home where they can study.                                                                     



At the homework club, the children are divided into small groups depending on their academic ability and school year. These extra lessons are given by the staff at our partner organisation and a qualified teacher.

Already, the children are seeing an improvement in their performance. Aid for Education hopes to replicate this project in other communities.       


Aid for Education is building a primary school in the country’s Eastern province, where the children can 
receive good education. As well as training teachers, we will work with schools in the community by training local teachers who will then bring their new skills into the local classrooms. 

We have completed two classrooms which will be used to accommodate the homework club until the school is finished.


Should any of the children or their families become sick our partners assist them in seeking medical care. Basic medical insurance costs very little in Rwanda (£10 per family per year) but many are unable to afford this.

Aid for Education also helps our partner provide school uniform, shoes and school materials (books and pens) to children whose families are too poor to 
afford this. In addition to this, our Rwandan partners regularly visit the families and the children in schools to provide support and check progress. We want to encourage our children to believe  in   themselves and to take pride in their achievements.
                                                              BUY A GOAT
As well as child sponsorship, Aid for Education supports CMF in helping the child's family.

 For just £20, you can buy a goat for a family.

Why buy a goat?
The goat provides manure which increases crop yields and produces around three kids a year, each of which can be sold and it does not require much land. This can earn the family some money to pay for everything from school uniforms and materials to medicine.
The first female kid in every project is given to another family to keep the benefits spreading, so your £20 will go a very long way! 
Many families that we support are living without proper shelter. With your help, we can help build new houses for them. We use local materials and local labour, therefore contributing to the local economy.





                             Frida & her family outside old house                                        Frida's new house                   


Africa Moses' new house                                                       Africa's mother & brother with new mattresses, sheets & blankets


Bosco and his grandmother's old house                                            
                                                                                                        Bosco and his grandmother outside their new house
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