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Aid for Education very much values the practical help and experience that volunteers can bring to the project. Volunteers can get directly involved with grassroots projects in Rwanda and learn about development and help to bring about social change to the lives of people in Rwanda.

Volunteers are an essential part of our organisation. They provide a range of help, from helping run events, promoting our work and going to Rwanda!
Tell your friends and family about our work and why not run an event for Aid for Education to help provide a brighter future for children in Rwanda?
Many events are easy to arrange, from a sponsored walk, to a coffee morning or cake stall. We can give you sponsor forms and other literature.
Contact us if you would like leaflets, sponsorship forms, newsletters or if you would like to go to Rwanda. 
Aid for Education has taken groups out to Rwanda over the past couple of years. 
Pupils and staff from Cedars School of Excellence, Greenock,
spent two weeks working with our partners. They donated iPads and trained teachers and staff on how to use them. In addition, the group visited families, built a house for one of the families and worked with the Abagore Farming Co-operative.
      helping to build a house for one of the families                                                     the new house
The S6 school leavers continued this work and helped build a toilet for one of the families.
 They also visited the children at school and at home and played sport during the weekends.
Click on the links below to read about the fundraising they did to fund their trip and read Cedars School blog.

What some of the volunteers say

"The trip to Rwanda in 2013 has been the best experience of my life. I had an amazing time spending two weeks helping and training children. Their faces light up every time they saw us." Ailie

"Seeing how people live their lives on the other side of the world and how different their lifestyle is to ours was a great experience and I will never forget it." Kerr

"I really enjoyed my experience in Rwanda. It was unlike anything I've ever done before. The people we worked with and met were all so welcoming to us and it was a pleasure working with them." Andrew
"My volunteer trip to Rwanda took place in July 2013. We went out through the charity 'Aid for Education' and spent two weeks working hard and learning more about the Rwandan people, culture and their totally different way of life...Rwanda is a beautiful country with many remarkable people and I was made to feel welcome at all times...I would recommend the trip to everyone and anyone if they have the opportunity... I can't wait to return."  Kerry
Last July, (2012) we were joined in Rwanda for two weeks by volunteers Hannah and Conor from Northern Ireland and Arthur from Port Glasgow. The volunteers helped paint the learning centre, construct a house, run children’s activities and visit families and local schools. They spent time with people in the community, learning more about the culture. They also had the chance to visit other parts of Rwanda and to swim and relax at Lake Kivu, Rubavu and Hotel des Milles Collines, Kigali. Hotel des Milles Collines is the four star hotel where the film "Hotel Rwanda" (a film about the genocide) was set.

The volunteers enjoyed their time in Rwanda and we enjoyed having people from the UK come and experience it for themselves. They had great fun playing games with the children and were moved by the smiles on their faces. Arthur said that everyone made him feel welcome, our partners in Rwanda and the families we visited. He also told us, "I was most impressed by the community spirit and the smiles on the children's faces. "

In 2011, Hannah Swift from Northern Ireland joined us in Rwanda. She had a busy schedule planned for her trip in July, visiting  schools and families in the eastern province of Rwanda. Working alongside our partner, she also helped give English and maths lessons, as well as play games with the children.
Hannah writes:

"If you asked me now to define my experience of Rwanda in 3 words I would say: Peace, Beauty and Love ..... For me activities included: visiting/getting to know families, updating profiles on both family circumstances and the children individually, monitoring children’s academic progress, participating in meetings with teaching staff from local schools, distributing medical insurance cards, supplying clothing, assisting in the purchase of livestock for sponsored families and holding educational and sporting activity days with the children..." 

"There are many available things to see and do in Rwanda... I was fortunate enough to visit Kigali, Lake Kivu and Akagera Safari Park."  

"The opportunity to volunteer with Aid for Education last summer was undoubtedly the most fortunate and valuable experience of my life so far."

Aid for Education is so grateful to have supporters like these. If you would like to go to Rwanda, please do get in touch by emailing info@aidforeducation.co.uk
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