Who are we?

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 The Committee

Douglas Kakooza
is of Rwandan nationality, but now lives in Scotland. He spends his life working to help improve the lives of African children and their families. Douglas has almost 19 years’ experience working in development - setting up a vocational training school, street children’s centre and community income generating projects. He also has experience working with refugees from Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the D.R Congo.
Sarah Kakooza is a Secondary school teacher, with experience teaching French, Spanish and English to all ages. She first went to Rwanda in 2000, and later returned in 2006, where she taught English in a Secondary school and where she and Douglas married. Sarah has a vision to see the children of Rwanda have access to education, so they can achieve their potential and have hope for the future.

Stuart Easton is a solicitor who lives and works near Glasgow, Scotland. He deals with the legal aspects of the day to day running of the organisation. Stuart shares Aid for Education's vision of helping Rwandan children have access to education and supporting families in income generating projects.



Carol Smith is a Teacher of Mathematics and has a particular interest in Pupil Support. She is a strong supporter and member of Aid for Education and shares the vision of helping Rwandan children access education and supporting young people in skill development which positively impacts on their future.   

Helmut Stinglhammer Is a retired teacher (Biology, Chemistry & general Science) with 22 years of service in Scottish high schools and a doctorate in Ecology. He is of German nationality but has been resident in Scotland for 40 years. He is aiming to actively share his concern for the plight of children in Rwanda, particularly their need for education.


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